If you haven’t guessed it already…I graduated yesterday. I never thought those words would have left my mouth. What an experience, that not only yesterday, but the last four years have been for me.

University was never the plan for me. Once I was finishing sixth form, I was done with  education. I know…such an ignorant statement, come on Neelam 2013. What were you thinking. I knew I wanted to do a foundation year in Art, but I never wanted to go back into education. Why? Because I didn’t want to conform to the “tick box/marking/grade” system. I wanted to explore my creativity and to feel free. I didn’t want another tutor telling me “I couldn’t do this” or a marking criteria to say “To get a first, you need to do this” blah blah blah!

Alas, here I am, questioning where the time has gone, and how my whole class and I won’t be back in the CSM building this September. I was told about Central St. Martins two days prior to the deadline. I didn’t know how big of a university it was… again, ignorance. I handed my application in on the deadline day and thus, my UAL journey began. Foundation went by quickly and to sum it up, I was panicking about what to do after. Whilst on the course, I was offered a space on the BA Performance Design and Practice course. I was told by tutors that what I wanted to do in the future was very PDP. They advised me to choose the course, and as I had nothing to lose (except a space on the BA) I decided to accept the offer and to see how I felt over the summer; I thought long and hard about whether I had made the right choice.

Obviously…I chose to stick with the course, and by gosh, it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I met inspiring, like minded people who allowed me to explore my creativity. I was able to experiment, succeed, fail, and yet no one belittled me for any of the decisions I made. I have learnt so many new skills and have gained so much knowledge, not only about performance design, but about the world. My course was mainly international students and I am grateful to each and every single one of them. My mind is more open than ever, and I genuinely feel like I’ve travelled the world. Now I’ll need to save up to go and actually travel the world!

Needless to say, post-grad life has definitely hit me. I’m nervous for what is to come, but in a positive way. Now I’m ready to take on the world, and explore my creativity. 2013 Neelam… if I could go back to you and answer your “Is this course really for me?” I’d slap you one and say yes. I have been able to: explore myself, work with a company I’ve always dreamed of working with (Disney!), meet like minded people, go to film premieres, and so much more. This is all because of the person UAL allowed me to be. Clearly UAL recognised that I was needing guidance, whilst also the freedom to experiment. They accepted me, amongst many others, and gave me a place to feel welcomed, safe and most importantly: worthwhile. Never have I felt more confident in the decisions or the person that I am.

I shall end this post with an important message: University is not for everyone. I truly believe that. Whatever is right for you, only you can say. If your gut is talking, LISTEN. It generally knows what’s up. If something scares you but your gut says go for it, then go for it. I genuinely believe that my gut knows more than my brain. I made the choice to stick with university because of a twitch inside my stomach. It’s such a small voice, but I’m so in tune with my own gut. I love you gut. ❤ 

I am excited for what is to come…I’m already planning my next adventure. I look forward to sharing it with you all.

Lots of Love,


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