Graduation Party



Hello everyone!

So this was my first freelance project…my own GRADUATION PARTAY! I decided what better way to start my freelance life, than to plan my own party. This was actually *If I say so myself* a really smart idea. Well done Neelam, you’ve done something right.

I have organised parties and events before, and I can honestly say I love throwing a good ol’ get together. I have always enjoyed watching Youtubers Summer Parties, Christmas parties, DIY pool party etc… but never really thrown one (like this) myself. My mindset used to be “Oh, the decoration is pretty and all, but it’s just a lot of money for a couple of hours.” But no more will that come to mind. I thoroughly enjoyed planning, researching and preparing for this party. It made my graduation, and the end to my University journey that extra Azerbaijazzy.*




To reflect on my experience, I can honestly say I’m glad I was my first client. I funded the project myself and therefore, budgeted whilst keeping in mind the standard I wanted.  I wanted my guests to feel really special and happy. Narcissistic as it may sound, I thought about what makes me happy.  I love glitter, pink, mermaids and Youtubers. I also love a lot of other things, but I have to narrow it down to a consistent theme, otherwise it would have become a confusing mess! I researched online for the perfect pink, and references that would start up my creative cogs. I looked into Tropical parties, Alishamarie (Youtuber), and more. Alas, I had enough research to begin sourcing.

A lot of the materials were either bought online, at Hobbycraft or Paperchase. All in all, I spent approximately £65.00 in total on decorations. This was, thinking back to it all, definitely reasonable. I got the atmosphere I wanted. That’s what drove me to spend the money on the party. It was an all day party which was about 10-12 hours long. Family and friends joined in and it was more than I had ever dreamed of.

A feature for the party was the flower backdrop. I really wanted something for my guests to take pictures in front of, and to look back on and remember the party. This was actually very easy to make, and though it was small, it was a fun pop of colour. It became a talking point at my event, and I know I definitely want to explore different backdrops.

A lot of work had gone into the party, and whilst I felt nervous I was spending a lot of time and energy on the party, I’m so glad I did. I know that I’d like to do more event planning, not just for parties but other events too and that freelance life isn’t as scary as I thought. *She says ignorantly!*


What’s next you ask? I have a little quick project which I’m super excited about. It’s got a little something to give back to one of you lucky readers, so please make sure you’re following my blog for more! Until then…

Lots of love,




*Azerbaijazzy is a term that I use quite frequently. There is a joke with a good friend of mine to do with this, which was actually derived from another word, but is used in situations that are extra special – SO IT’S A POSITIVE <3!

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