Diary of a Freelancer Series

Hello everyone!

I’ve started a new series on my blog, which kind of happened naturally and now I’m doing the introduction post… the only way things seems to work for me. However, I have to admit, it feels much better that I’ve started doing this naturally, rather than writing the introduction post and then starting the series, as it wouldn’t be as I don’t think the content would have been as freely written otherwise.

Gosh I take forever explaining myself! Basically, hi! I’ve got a new series of blog posts that’ll be posted every Monday evening at 19:00 GMT/BST/ UK TIMEZONE for all of my international readers!

What is Diary of a Freelancer?

In these posts, I am writing all of the emotions that I feel, and what’s been going on with @_IMAGINASIA_ as a Creative Producer as well as…well…me! These could range from written posts, to photographic posts, to talking only about project work, to insights into my personal life. 

Why have you decided to start this?

One of the things I was very grateful for at university, was conversing with people. Being able to discuss anything and everything, and never feeling judged for expressing myself. I know that unfortunately there are trolls out there in the virtual and real world, but I’ll go insane without getting things off my chest. If people want to pin me down for what I feel, I don’t really care; I’m not judging you for what you believe, I’m just writing my thoughts down, which you happen to read 🙂

The nature of the posts will be raw. I feel that sometimes… okay, so maybe like, all the time, on Social Media, you only get to see a snippet of someone’s life. People are very selective with what they want to share, and you can end up thinking that that person is either “very lucky and always happy, always travelling” or “really depressed, always moaning, have such a “boring life” ” I want to be able to share the reality of what I’m feeling. 

Does this mean you’re going to be sharing… everything?!

I mean…where’s the fun if there’s no mystery? What I mean is, if I’m having a bad week, I’m not going to portray myself  as “everything’s fine, and I’m looking on the bright side of things” because, let’s be real, sometimes you just have to accept that things have been a bit all over the place. I want to share each week, each process and each development as true as I can. 

When will you release posts?

Every MONDAY @ 19:00 GMT/BST/LONDON, UK Timezone. 

Sounds good!



So until next week, make sure you’re following me on Instagram as I frequently post on there with sneak peaks of what I’m up to ;)!







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