Starbucks got me thinking…

Yesterday was quite an exciting day! I had a meeting with my photographer from my current project, and obviously… we went to Starbucks. ‘Cause you know, if you’re going out for a business meeting, obviously Coffee is where it’s at.  (I say that, and yet I don’t even drink Coffee…so what am I even on about?!)

We looked at all of the final photos from the photoshoot and selected the ones we both liked the most. It was quite a long meeting, as there were roughly 300-350 photos to go through (but I’m not complaining!) It was really productive. We spent ages talking about each photo, deciding how best to execute the final product, and now I’ve left the editing down to my dear friend. I’m excited to see the final products.


After every meeting/event associated with this project, I feel really good. It made me realise, fully, what I want to do in life. I feel that what I’m doing with my life is right, which is having a job that allows me to have income coming in, but that also gives me time to work on my own projects. A lot of people ask me, “So what’s your plan? Are you planning on getting a job? Have you applied anywhere?”

See… I have a degree. And so, with that degree, I need to get a “proper” job. I need to come to terms with reality. So many different statements I have to deal with. I mean, I’m honoured that people want to know what’s going on in my life, and want to spend their time talking about the decisions I make; I’m glad I’m that important to them. But honestly, I’m so over what’s right and what’s “normal” to do. I’ve not had an easy life, so I feel that I am much more knowledgable about “reality” than people believe. Just because I choose to stay quiet with certain people, isn’t because I’m dumb, or stupid. I just don’t want to waste my time on people who aren’t willing to listen.

When I was at school, I was constantly taught by the teachers: how to pass an exam, what I need to do to get the grades. Now don’t get me wrong, the teachers were doing their jobs. They wanted, as well as needed for their own reports and status as a teacher, for me to pass. To be successful. So I am grateful for the learning experience. However, I was always told, what I wanted to do wasn’t ever going to get me anywhere, and I wasn’t going to get a job – sorry I have to cut this here, but like…why are people so driven by money?

Yes, money is good to have in order to live well, to be able to do things. But I have a job. It may not be what I’d like to end up doing for the rest of my life, but it allows me to earn money, which I choose to spend on my projects…something I do want to do for the rest of my life. Some people seem to think it’s “Graduate of a Top University = A millionaire/successful job/rolling in the money” Oh how life would be so easy if it were that simple.

I see people who’ve done what they’ve wanted to do: Tim Burton, Todrick Hall, Colleen Atwood, Peter Jackson… so many people that I look up to are doing what they want to do, because they had taken risks. They chose not to do as the “normal” do. They did what’s best for them, and that is honestly, what I’m doing for myself. I feel confident in what I do. I constantly think, if I were to die, and leave this world… I don’t want to leave without putting my own stamp down. I wouldn’t want people to then discover my creative idea log, and to say “Gosh, that would have been so cool to experience/see” or “It’s a shame none of these ideas came to life.” For me, if my time as an artist, is to be appreciated once I die, then I best get working on my portfolio. I don’t ever want to feel that I missed opportunities because of what is considered “normal” .

Thoughts? Please share what you think ❤ My final thoughts are, “You just do you, and be confident and happy with your decisions.”


Lots of love,


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