‘Twas the week of Release… – Tale 1

“Dear, have you seen my belt?” He called.

“Have you checked your writing desk?” She questioned.

“Got it!” He answered.

“Er… Dear… Whe-” He was going to ask before she entered the room, and responded with,Β “By the fire place. I thought I’d warm your boots up for you. It’s very icy out there.” “My Dear, what ever would I do without you?” He chuckles as he walks over to the fireplace. The old lady placed the milk and cookies on his writing desk and softly laughs, whilst saying “You’d lose your head if I weren’t here-” She pauses with a puzzled look at his head. “Or I guess, more your hat. Where is it?”Β The old man scratched his head, as he scans the room for his red velvet hat. Distracted by the milk and cookies, the old lady rolls her eyes and begins to look.

“Clearly, you’ve got other things on your mind.” She joked. The old man picked up a cookie, closes his eyes to admire the smell.

“My Dear, how is anyone meant to concentrate when the scent of your homemade cookies enter the room.” He says softly as he scoffs the cookie into his mouth.

The lady pauses by the sofa, and notices a puffy white pompom laying on the side. She shakes her head as she picks the hat up and says “I’ve warned you about sleeping with your hat on.” She walks over to put the hat on and he innocently stares with cookie crumbs in his beard. Again, she rolls her eyes and brushes the crumbs away. The pair smile at one another before he says “Every day is a busy day. I’m always running around, answering different questions, making sure everything is in order…thinking I run the show… Then I stop and see you. The real ringleader of this crazy circus. The north pole wouldn’t be standing tall if you were not around.” She smiles as she takes the plate and glass from him. She looks at the time and then heads to the door.

“The guests will be here in an hour, and I need to get the presents wrapped. Dinner will be served at 19:00. So try to arrive fifteen minutes before” She says, and the old man nods his head certainly.

She goes to leave, and stops.

“You are a hard worker. But you’re definitely right about who runs the show.Β I love you very much too.” She says playfully, before blowing him a kiss.



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