Now say… “Merry Christmas!”

Hello Hello!

Today is finally the day I can share with you all, what I’ve been working on! Since the 30th August (I know… 3-4 months prior to Christmas…) I’ve been working on a Christmas project. This is my first serious project outside of university, that I’ve self funded, and worked on to get my portfolio out into the world.

Tree 109 pattern (2)

As I’m just starting out with my business/brand, I wanted to do a project which enabled me to send my portfolio out, in a fun way, but also to show people I do work. That this is what I would like to do for the future; Working on fun, new and exciting projects with different people.

It is hard for me, as a recent graduate in the field of Performance Design, to explain to people why I’m doing what I’m doing. As mentioned many times before, I could go into the film industry or theatre industry, and work my way up. However, I have sought out different people’s opinion/advice, and understanding that I could do well in those fields, what I want to do is create my own work, and bring my visions to life.

Present 225 block

I have decided to reach out to people who are also in the same boat as I, and create fun work that will hopefully in the future, allow people to want to work with me, and to also pay me to do this haha!

So… I decided, to end the year 2017, I wanted to start up my own business. Coinciding with the end of year, Christmas happens. It’s one of my favourite times of the year, and I knew if I was to create a fun christmas card, and send it off into the world, it’s appropriate, and less “HERE I AM, IN YOUR FACE, I WORK, GIVE ME A JOB.”

Baker 74 CC

Alas, I present to you, “Now say…Merry Christmas” A Christmas Card with 4 character Costumes. In the upcoming weeks, I shall be sharing more photos from the project, and a behind the scene video of the photoshoot day. There will be information about each costume, the ideas behind it, and so on and so forth.

Dinner 162 trans bg


So I would love to hear your thoughts about my work. Before I end the post, there are a few people I want to recognise for helping me bring this project to life:

  1. My family –  I wouldn’t have been able to ever dream this project and my business could come to life, had I not received the emotional, and some funding support from these people. I thank my siblings for giving their honest opinions throughout the process, and for my parents having to deal with the HUGE amount of Glitter everywhere.
  2. Li-Lee Choo – This girl, is my absolute world. Every time I have an idea, I am onto this girl for her advice/approval. She always takes the time to listen to what I have to say, and always supports me, even when my idea are sky high, she’s always there to push me forward, telling me to go for it. MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT TO THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE.
  3. Amy Luders (Christmas Tree Model) – A special thank you to this azerbaijazzilicous girl. Another person who, whenever I am in need of creative support, she’s there as my personal cheerleader cheering me on. I’m so grateful for having this girl in my life, as she allows me to open up and truly see my potential. Also…Yes Amy, you can have a biscuit.
  4. Jordan Odell (Found of CoMeraki – Photographer) – Thank you for the meetings at either Costa or Starbucks (Disclaimer NOT SPONSORED BY EITHER.) to discuss ideas, going through the photos, editing and discarding, for being patient  and so much more. Thank you for bring my visions to life.
  5. Amy Luders, Frankie Allard, Lauren Moore and Mhari Glober (Models) – Thank you so much for modelling my costumes, and bringing them to life. Achieving the character persona I envisioned for each look, you guys rocked it. Thank you for coming to my hometown, spending an entirety of a day being photographed, and not complaining once. The best ❤
  6. Kianty Ross and Usha Mistry (Makeup Team) – A very special thank you to two people I had never met before the photoshoot. To have put your energy, time, and trust into this project of someone you’ve never met before, I am honestly grateful to you both. You both worked super hard, and I’m very happy to have had the chance to work with you both. I look forward to further collaborations!
  7. Mike Crowley – Thank you for letting me use the scout hut for a discounted rate! The perfect location for a private photoshoot!
  8. Eleanor Rose Delaney – Thank you for your time. I’m so glad that though you’ve moved back home, and we don’t get to see each other as often we used to, you still give me the time that I need. I know you’ve not been too good recently, but to have helped me, honestly, I’m so grateful that you gave me support and time. I am so proud of you and what you’ve done (and you know what I mean!)
  9. Jamesdean Aitkins – LOOOL yeah, I bet you didn’t think you’d make it into this post. HAHAHA. I want to Thank you for being the friend that you are. Giving me time and just checking in to see how I am, whilst I don’t say it (cause you are who you are) I do really appreciate having you as a friend. Giving me those pep talks, and telling me to just keep going for what I want, reminds me that I am worth something and will amount to greater things. Okay Imma stop, cause you’re too gassed right now.
  10. Adam Paroussos – Mate. I mean… you’re just you and yeah. Thanks. hahaha, I don’t really know what to write but you yeah, are crazy and just yeah ahaha mate you know that you help me a lot so yeah.
  11. Above all, and I know not everyone is religious, but I am so grateful that God has blessed me with Family and Friends that support me and make me a better person. I wouldn’t have this life without God’s plan. I’m thankful for both the bumps in the road that are thrown at me, and the sunshine that brightens my day. ❤


Thank you if you’ve reached this point of the post… I mean this is long so I appreciate it if you actually came to this point! Let me know what you’re thoughts are and I can’t wait to share more with you all!

Team behind “Now say … Merry Christmas!”

Neelam Asia – @_IMAGINASIA_ Director/Producer/Costume
Jordan Odell – @CoMeraki, Photographer and editor
Kianty Ross – @KiantyMUA, Make Up Artist
Usha Mistry – @makeupby_usha, MUA Assistant
Amy Luders – @amyluders, Model – Christmas Tree
Frankie Allard – @frankie_95, Model – Baked Goods
Lauren Moore – @tell_me_moore, Model – “Dinner’s Ready”
Mhari Glober – @mharikg,  Model – Present time!

Connect with all on INSTAGRAM ❤




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