Now say… “Merry Christmas!”

Hello Hello!

Today is finally the day I can share with you all, what I’ve been working on! Since the 30th August (I know… 3-4 months prior to Christmas…) I’ve been working on a Christmas project. This is my first serious project outside of university, that I’ve self funded, and worked on to get my portfolio out into the world.

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What excites you about Christmas?

Tomorrow is the big day!

Okay, so it’s not Christmas day or anything…but it is the day I get to finally share with you what I’ve been working on. However, as it’s the last day of November, I wanted to share my top 10 favourite things about Christmas!

Disclaimer; Celebrating Christmas for my family and I isn’t about spending money or for any religious reasons. We celebrate it to celebrate the end of our year, and to just be happy in each other’s company. The decorations just make it a little more fun and exciting! Continue reading “What excites you about Christmas?”

A special little gift. – Tale 3

23rd December.

“Come on Louie, the water’s mighty fresh!” Cindy said, before sliding on her front, down the ice slope into the ocean.

“No thanks, I’m all good right here.” Louie responded, as he sat on the top of the iceberg. The sun was setting, and whilst the other penguins were splashing in and out of the water, Louie just wanted to admire the Sunset. The sky was filled with orange beams and hints of peach, as the sun lowered in the horizon. Cindy came waddling over, shivering away.  “You may be all good here, but you’re missing out on a lot of fun!”
Louie didn’t take his eyes away from the sky, and responded with “Yet here you are, shivering away, whilst I’m happily enjoying the sky’s performance.”

Cindy looked on at the sky and agreed, “It is beautiful…” she plopped herself next to Louie, who opened his wing up to give her warmth. “Don’t you ever just wonder what the sun experience’s?”
“What do you mean?” Cindy questioned.
“I mean, the sun rises from that side of our land, right?” Louie stood and pointed his wing to the right.
Cindy nodded.
“Right, so it rises and lights up our land, and then goes down on that side” Louie says as he points to the left.
Cindy nodded again and asks, “What is your point?”
Louie flaps his wings into a shrug as he goes on, “I just, there is so much white, black, grey and blue to look at. Yet, when the sun sets, there’s masses of colour to be seen. Orange, pink, peach, red…It’s all so beautiful.”
Cindy listens and watches Louie looking into the sunset.
Louie sighs, “I just… I know that there is something magical, where the sun goes. We catch glimpses of green and yellow within the ocean, I do see that…I just… I don’t know. Every day, I wait for this moment. Because everything is so big, and lively, and so i’d much rather sit here and enjoy this 10 minute show, than go swimming in a ocean that I can swim in at any time.” Louie kicks a little pebble down the slope.
Cindy smiles, and waddles over, “I get it. I know exactly how you feel.” Louie keeps watch until the sun is completely out of sight. Cindy continues, “Come on, it’s getting dark. Let’s go home before both our parents become frantic birds.” She laughs and waddles down the slope. Louie turns and says “I guess you’re right…but not before I beat you to the Ocean!” He is already sliding down, before Cindy even registers what he’s just said.

As they reach the crossing, which leads to either one’s igloo, Cindy turns to Louie and says “Tomorrow, I’ll meet you here.”

Louie was surprised, and said “Should I not come to your igloo?”
Cindy shook her head and responded, “My gift starts from this point, at 15:00. Don’t be late!” With that, she waddled off to her home, and Louie the same. Though he wondered what she possibly had planned.

24th December

It was 14:45 and Louie was on his way to the crossing. He was holding this medium boxed gift, eager to give Cindy her present. Once he reached the point, Cindy was also just arriving.
“I knew you’d arrive early!” She called from a distance.
Louie laughed, “Late is not in my vocabulary! Merry Christmas!” He held up the gift. Cindy waddled even quicker once seeing her gift. She quickly opened it and screamed, “NO! Really? No…no…no you’re not serious, this is a joke right? No…no” She pulled out a pair of fish shaped goggles.
“I knew you wanted these, and I told your parents not to get them for you…because…well yeah I’ll just stop.” He began to mumble.
She was so excited, and embraced him with a hug, “No honestly, this is the best gift ever. Best Friend award goes to…” and she starts to poke Louie all over. Louie didn’t ask about his gift, as he isn’t the sort to do so, but Cindy knew he was wondering why they met at the crossing. She begins, “Your present is just north of us. We have to be quick…before it get’s dark!”

Without further amore, they were waddling north of the crossing, leaving a trail of snow footprints behind them. It had been an our, and the sun was just beginning to set. Louie had fallen back whilst Cindy rushed on. He was looking back to watch the sun go down.
“Louie, come on we’re nearly there!” She called.
“Hang on!” he called back, still focusing behind.
Cindy began to flap her wings, frustrated yet eager to give his gift. “Louie, please, you have to come before we’re late.”
Louie kept his eyes on the sun, when he was abruptly pulled by his right wing.
“Hey! HEY! It’s only a minute, wait!” He said, whilst Cindy continued to ignore him.
“Are you even listening to me?” He said.
“Okay, we’re here, ready?” She said before covering his eyes.
Louie became slightly irritated and said, “A few minutes a day, is all it is. A few minutes to watch the performance of a sunset… could you not have-”
She pulled her wings away and said “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”
Louie opened his eyes.

He stopped.

Mesmerised by the rays of colours, dancing, intertwining and bouncing from one another. The sky was mad yet beautiful, with reds mixing with blues, purples and green, pinks and yellows. Louie couldn’t speak.

Cindy jumped up and down, whilst saying “And the BEST FRIEND EVER award goes to…!” She flapped her wings with joy. Louie asked “What is this place?”
“It’s a place called the Northern Lights. I thought you’d like it!” She responded.

Without taking his eyes off the sky, he smiled and said, “Cindy.”
She stopped and said, “Yes?”

He turned to her and said, “and the BEST FRIEND EVER award goes to Cindy.”
She smiled and they both just watched the sky for hours and hours.