Diary of a Freelancer – 1 out of 4… Entry 3.

Hello everyone!!

My head is pounding currently, but I do have my cup of Gingerbread Tea in my Pinocchio tea cup, so all is well!

Firstly, how are you? Are you all okay? I find that I jump straight into my post without even thinking to write and see how my readers (if any!) are doing. Do let me know what you’ve been up to and all that jazz – Oooh! Question of the day; What’s been the weirdest thing to happen to you last week? Mine would be where a grandmother figure nearly attacked another lady with her Zimmer frame. I know. I am not making this stuff up!

I have some exciting news for you… 1 out of 4 costumes COMPLETE! In said deadline time 🙊!! I know, I’m genuinely proud of myself. Who would have thought I could stick to a time frame 😀 ANND no late nights. I’m really shocked.

Not only have I completed one costume…my fitness level has improved so suddenly! I’m able to run 3 miles/40 minutes in public without stopping. I kid you not, this may not be a big deal to others, but 40 MINUTES WITHOUT STOPPING AT ALL! I’m really happy with myself.

I have to admit, now that I’ve completed one costume, I was very lost today as to which costume to start next. What was stopping me from just making a decision, was the fact that I have taken the measurements and fitted some of the costume onto one model, and I have another costume in which I have all of the measurements, but I need fit the costume on before I can push on with any work… so with that being said, the wisest move would be to work on the costume that I know I can work on. Why it has taken me all day to figure that one out, I couldn’t tell you… 🙈

In other news, I have been searching for a venue that will allow me to do a photoshoot in, without costing a fortune. I think I have found the space, and for A REALLY REALLY good price too. I’ve just got to get a few more quotes, as ideally, I’d like a complete space where the team is completely alone, rather than hiring out a room in a building, where not only is le general public in, but that I may potentially end up disturbing a few people, which I really hate doing. Alas, the search is still on the go, but I’m hoping to get a venue booked by the end of this week.

A lot goes into project…I’ve realised. As mentioned before, I have become Project manager – and actually, it makes me realise that I do want to be a creative producer. I don’t like to use the term “Control freak” but I feel that I have a vision in mind, and an overall picture. I’m all up for getting a team of people together and pulling the best out in everyone, using their strengths and knowledge to help better the overall aesthetic. Actually, I’ve decided that I will do a separate post specifically for this paragraph.

For now, I’ll round off this post with, I’m feeling very good currently, and though there’s a LOT more work to be done, I’m happy to push through with it all. It’s tiring, and headachey, but all for a good cause…I feel!

Right, I must get back to planning, but until next time, CIAO CIAO!<3


Diary of a Freelancer Series

Hello everyone!

I’ve started a new series on my blog, which kind of happened naturally and now I’m doing the introduction post… the only way things seems to work for me. However, I have to admit, it feels much better that I’ve started doing this naturally, rather than writing the introduction post and then starting the series, as it wouldn’t be as I don’t think the content would have been as freely written otherwise.

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Diary of a Freelancer – “PGD” Entry 2.

So I’m back…I’m popular demand.

Okay, I haven’t actually been listening to Beyonce at all today (though there isn’t any hate towards her!) but it came to mind!

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Diary of a Freelancer – Entry 1.

Freelance life is stressful.

There I said it.

Does it mean I’m going to turn away from it, give up on it? … Of course not, but I do feel like an order is very much needed.

I’m currently working on an actually very exciting project. It’s my own project, but none the less I’m excited. However, when you’re doing a self run project, you become project manager and boy, is that hurting my head. Not that I’m hating on the work load, I just wish it would all just calm down. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from university, is that you are definitely in a safety bubble.

Once you leave, I hate to admit it, but that’s it. The big world is out there ready to throw all the challenges you were protected from, whilst at university. I’m a designer, and every project I’ve ever had to do, was managed by someone else. I was very much in charge of designing and sourcing the materials I needed and that was it. When it came to photoshoots, or the final production, that was left to the tutors to organise, or the facilities on campus. Alas, I don’t have a professional photo studio, nor a costume room where all the equipment is provided, or a tutor to give me a project to do.

You know, I’ve thrown myself into the deep end. I chose this freelance life, I chose to keep the part time job, and yet it’s very hard. I’m having to sacrifice on many things, like buying new bras, new clothes, makeup, going out socially – Don’t get me wrong, I do take time off, but I can’t just pop down into London to just…hang…anymore.

Truth be told, I’ve got to make myself known to the industry, to get the jobs I’d like to be doing. To do that, I’ve got to make the work, and to do that I’ve got to have a bit of money.  It’s a never ending cycle.

I don’t just focus on my freelance though. I’ve got myself a personal trainer, and though that costs money, it means I keep in shape. Otherwise, my fitness (much as I love it – and that is true!) would be down the pan…the frying pan, and into the oven…where the cakes are a baking. In simpler terms… I’d be fat without my PT.

I guess I needed to just release some thoughts I was having….otherwise I think I would have broken down sooner or later. Now that I have done that, I’m going to switch off from my computer and work, and chill. I’ll do a bit of yoga and have a cup of tea…then head to bed.

Hopefully, in next’s blog post I’ll be discussing more about the project I’m working on… check my instagram for teasers.

Until next time,


Winter is coming…❄️


So a winner was chosen for the Zoella Beauty giveaway! Congratulations to @khiyah_25 on Instagram, I hope you enjoy your prizes *secretly jealous of your win!*

How did I feel about that project? Well, in all honesty, I did enjoy it but the timing was all wrong. I was attending a family wedding in-between that same period, and boy did that take a lot of energy from me. I am still, to this day, recovering from it all. I’m tired. I need a holiday/break to rejuvenate.

That’s not to say I didn’t like the Zoella project, because I loved the designing and creating process. It reignited my love for costume again, as the last costume I had made that I was proud of, was in March. It’s been a few months since I’ve felt that way, and I’m very excited about going back to creating costume work.

I’ve always enjoyed Character design. I think I’ve finally come to terms with what I’m all about. I loved Sandy Powell’s Cinderella costumes (the animal to human costumes), and Colleen Atwood’s costumes combined with Tim Burton’s characters. That’s the style of work I’m inspired by. I’m not a traditional Costume Designer. I define myself as a Creative Producer, who has an overall vision, but specifically works on Costume and Character. Whilst I can say I want a [insert adjective here] feel, I think that there are better designers for that sector. For the last 8 years, I’ve honed in on Character/costume design. My skills are, I feel, strong in that area. That’s where my interest lies, and I need to embrace that. I need to embrace that whilst I have lots of creative ideas, I am a Character/Costume designer, not a Set designer. I shouldn’t get worked up over the fact that I can’t do everything. I know I can’t do everything, but a little voice inside my head sometimes challenges that idea. I’m happy to say I can’t do everything, as I’d rather spend  more of my focus on one area rather than a little bit of focus on many different areas.

Which leads me on to my announcement… I am currently in the process of starting a VERY very exciting project. It will be released at the end of 2017, and I’m super excited to share this project with you. I don’t want to give any spoilers away, but I think if you’re as excited for Autumn and Winter as I am, then I think you’re going to like this!

On that note, I will end this post here… Teasers will start appearing on my Instagram and Twitter, so make sure you’re following both of those to keep in the loop.

Instagram: @_IMAGINASIA_
Twitter: @_IMAGINASIA_

I shall say Ciao for now, and leave you to ponder over this questions:

What are you most excited for this upcoming season?

Lots of love,


Start as you mean to go on.

Hey guys!

This week has been a tiring one. Prior to this week, I worked 7 days straight, and then I get time off work…what do you know? I’m still working. The life of a freelancer! It’s actually no different to university life, when I stop and think about it. I guess you could say I’m on a bit of a buzz – Every time I say the word “bit” I think of Kem from Love Island… Man I miss that show! 

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